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JCF 212 Scraper Winches
This is a large 55kW or 75kW double drum scraper winch for pulling large amounts of ore and multiple scoops.
Product Overview

Since 1977, Galison Manufacturing has been supplying cost-effective scraper scoops. Now we’re complementing these with our own range of high-quality scraper winches.

Manufactured from the original Exdin Scraper Winch drawings, the Galison range brings you the same quality you’ve come to trust, with extremely competitive total cost of ownership. Parts for the LF230, SLF230 and JCF212 scraper winches are always available, so getting hold of gears, bases, clutch bands and gearboxes will never be a problem.

  • Power: 55kW – 75 kW
  • Mean Rope Speed: 0.92 m/s
  • Mean Rope Pull: 58 kN – 73kN
  • Built in South Africa
  • 12 Month factory Warranty
JCF212 Double Drum Scraper Winch