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Ore Cars / Hoppers / Mine Cars

Galison manufactures the largest range of ore cars/hoppers in the world. Galison is able to efficiently manufacture to existing drawings or to design whole new systems to suit a mine’s requirements.

Galison has a number of options available depending on the type of ore, the quantity to be moved and the distances involved. Loading and tipping options are also taken into account.

A large experienced engineering department can design whole systems working closely with Locomotive manufacturers to ensure that ore is moved in the most cost effect and efficient way. Our vast experience ensures that we are able to match the system both to the rock type to ensure easy material flow and the tonnage requirements.

Galison’s ore cars are used by some of the world’s largest underground mines with some of the most modern and safest ore transport systems in operation. At the same time due to our large scale we are able to efficiently manufacture small orders of conventional hoppers.