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G215 Rock Drill
A versatile pneumatic rockdrill primarily used in stoping applications.
Product Overview

Adding to our wide range of drillsteel and drill bits, Galison Drilling now supplies the G215 and G25 rock drills for use in development and in-stope drilling.

Made to the high quality standards that Galison is known for, our drills feature forged steel bodies and frontends. And for quick customer turnaround time, a full range of parts is readily available from our facilities in Welkom and Rustenburg. A further benefit is that the parts are completely interchangeable with similar brands of rock drills.

  • Hard Hitting Powerful Machine
  • Noise-Reducing Muffler
  • Ideal for In-Stope Drilling
  • Efficient Lubrication
  • Low Maintenance
  • Light Weight
G215 Rock Drill